Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Quel jackass.

It's not exactly a news flash that Barry Bonds is a miserable human being or that he's been using steroids, except that today it is. If you're following the story, you might want to look at this version at SFGate, which is a little more detailed than some others. In particular, you get a better sense of what a creep Bonds is. Here's a taste:

Anderson, the childhood friend who became Bonds' constant sidekick[,] . . . learned the hazards of spending time around Bonds . . . .

"If Bonds told you to do something, you had to drop everything and do it." . . . "If you were slow to comply, or if you tried to explain why it wasn't such a good idea, Bonds would get right up in your face, snarling, calling you a 'punk bitch,' repeating what he wanted and saying, 'Did I (expletive) stutter?' You had to suck it up and take the abuse and the humiliation -- everyone did."

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t.s. said...

CNN says this is an exclusive, but I'm not sure whether there's anything here that's not in the SFGate piece.